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Casey VanderStel

About Casey

A passionate and hardworking marketing professional in Chicago, IL with an enthusiasm for creativity, community, and brand continuity.

With excitement for community building through digital and social media marketing and a passion for the restaurant community of Chicago, Casey is looking for the next role to creatively tackle.

She has sharp copywriting and photography skills, excellent brand strategy and organization, a Bachelor’s degree in communications studies, 4 years experience in social media marketing, and over a year in the role of marketing manager and event coordinator specifically in the Chicago restaurant industry.



A trained copywriter with experience writing for audiences of over 5 million.

Brand Identity

Building a cohiseve brand identity is key to creating strong marketing plans.

Email Marketing

Building newsletters and campaigns for audiences from 100 – 5,00,000,000

Social Strategy

Keeping a pulse on media trends and changes for effective strategy building.


A published digital illustrator, cartoonist, and muralist.


Experience in freelance and in-house portrait, event, and food photography.
Casey has experience as a freelance and in-house photographer and content creator, working both solo and on teams to fill social media feeds with fun and engaging media.