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Marketing Campaign

A revamp of this yearly sale brought in over $100,000 during this one-day sale through a carefully laid strategy of email and social media marketing tactics.


Moody Publishers


Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Creative Strategy

Using data points from previous years and trying to develop our existing strategy even further, we sought to grow this campaign beyond the scope of previous years.

Everyone runs a sale on Cyber Monday, and our publishing company is no different. So we came up with a strategy to make ours stand out among in the minds of our customers.

Sale Pitch

Our angle was to push the win-win of buying books from our company. “50% off books you’ll love, to help a cause you’ll love”.

Social Strategy

We built a complex, 2 week push that spanned all our platforms.

Market Research

We looked at lots of other companies and book marketers to create a current but unique branding strategy.

Email Strategy

We chose to send 4 emails – 2 weeks out, 1 week out, day of, and 8 hours left.

Action Plan

Once we had a plan down on paper – including copy and image direction, and radio spots to be recorded – I helped build out the schedule, full of due dates for the various teams to follow to ensure that each element was delivered on time.


Partner Colaboration

UTM tracking

Creative Designs


Increase in company collaboration from previous year

Building a campaign for a one day sale takes a surprisingly incredible amount of planning, strategy, coordination, and all the imagination you can throw at it – that’s what makes marketing so fun!

Final Deliverables

Together with my creative team and marketing team we created more than 50 posts across our social media platforms, physical postcards for a mailing push, 3 in house emails and 12 partner emails, and radio spots on stations across the country.

The numbers

It’s always exciting to see the hard work pay off. In our case, the numbers really did show that our push delivered our desired response. We even earned more than $16,000 of our goal – not bad for a one day sale at a very small publishing company. We may have indulged our team with a pizza party.

  • Emails delivered – 90%
  • Growth of ad reach- 77%
  • Social Engagement up from last year – 72%

Books sold

Satisfied Shoppers

Emails opened

Dollars earned