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Campaign Example

Social Media Launch

Opening a restaurant requires an incredible amount of energy, and a large part of that energy goes to marketing. Here is part of the campaign built in June of 2018 for the launch of the coolest burger shop in Logan Square, Mini Mott.


Mott St & Mini Mott


Social Strategy

Social Media Marketing

Creative Strategy

We launched Mini Mott with the idea that a plain old burger can be so much more – more flavorful and more fun. I run our social campaigns for Mini Mott with the same mindset, looking to keep things fresh and fun.

As the Marketing Manager for Mini Mott, I feel a deep ownership of the brand identity –  in the micro and macro marketing projects we run.


The Chicago food community is big and exciting, and the broader Chicago community is engaged with our brand too. We’ve looked for ways to plan events and reach out to communities to connect and be a part of something bigger than us.

Brand Identity

I built out a strong brand and visual guide at the beginning of my work with Mott St and we only use photos and marking products that fit within this branding.

Market Research

Staying current on the happenings in Chicago’s restaurant scene, the Logan Square community, and in the foodie scene all help this work to stay on track.

Social Strategy

I put together and presented all social strategies to the owners. This included photography, captions, partnerships with influencers, and social giveaways.

Action Plan

The finished, detailed strategy focused on an Instagram launch, with Facebook posts and events supplementing and a newsletter blast on the side. We engaged the foodie audience of Chicago with fun, salivating photos of food and opportunities to engage with the brand, like giveaways and asking for feedback.

I work weekly with the restaurant to have current shots of food and our ongoing sales, as well as planning events that are relevant to the restaurant and the community.  Booking shoots and shooting images myself, writing copy, planning newsletters, and partnering with publishers and cultural movers and shakers in the city are all part of my vision for the social brand to keep growing.

Mini Mott is first all about delivering quality and delicious food, and secondly all about fun and funky experiences. I ask continually in my work with this brand – how do we keep it fun, fresh, and exciting to check these social media pages?

Ongoing work



The fun thing about social media is that it never quits! So I don’t either. Continued photoshoots, copywriting, scheduling, strategizing, and campaign pushes are always required. As we gear up for summer, a new push is in the works to take our little snack shop to the next level.

The numbers

Mini Mott has grown immensely since first opening, and while a natural slowing of growth is normal, a consistent rise in audience continues as new social strategies are developed and executed to the maximum fun and engaging capacity. 

Social followers

Ad reach growth

colaborations + events

total posts