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Digital marketing

Marketing Campaign

Email Marketing Creation

We send multiple emails every week that need brainstorming, copy, digital assets, and photography provided. I work on the team that executes all these pretty peices of mail.


Moody Publishers


Email Strategy


Creative Work

As part of the marketing team, I help with brainstorming, editing and delivering multiple weekly emails to our over 5 million subscribers. I find it enjoyable and stretching to constantly imagine new ways to campaign our sales, interviews, and updates to our loyal customers.

User Experience Research

We took on a project this year to discover the user experience and discover where our process was breaking down and we developed a research-based strategy to re-engage those email clients.

Brand Consistency

I was part of the team that keeps our brand consistent, even in the wide diversity of sales and marketing emails that we send.

Design and Copy Development

I work on the brainstorming and editing, aka re-brainstorming side of developing our in-house marketing emails from “We should send an email” to “You’ve got mail!”

Product and Lifestyle Photography

I am the lead photographer as well as photo stylist on all our photography needs for these emails.

Building Consistency

Our first year of email based marketing with my current team felt like a constant learning curve. Now, however, we have built not only a consistent strategy but also consistent organizational tactics that make each email easier to execute, more logical, and more brand loyal than the last.